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Olive Hill

There's something really cheerful about Olive Hill.  We specialize in eye-popping prints, typically made from soft drapey fabrics that have a slightly vintage feel.  We marry two prints with a knit or lace element in easy and fun styles.

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Paparazzi by Biz

It’s not just casual clothing, It’s a lifestyle.


SISTERS sweater collection celebrates and embraces the lifestyle of today’s woman. Specializing in fabrics that feel luxurious to the skin and are easy to care for.



Everything you’ll ever need in a dress: comfort, style, trend and pretty prints.

Also Made in USA.


Perfect for the trend setter who wants a jacket that “wows” or the women who wants a classic piece to complete her look, LUII is the line for you.

Zaria designs trendy seasonal sweaters with fashionable yarns and styles.  We offer cozy basics to keep your customers warm at any time of the year.

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Luxury hand-crafted face & body soap.

Made with organically sourced ingredients including Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil plus antioxidant-rich botanicals, clay, silk, and essential oils.

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